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Pictures Finistere - Brittany France

a slideshow prepared by a couple of guests

In August a nice couple from Denmark made us the favour to stay 10 days in our B&B. Every morning, after a nice breakfast and having had a chat about the spots to visit that day, they went off touring in the neigtborhood.

Here is the result. A nice slide-show with pictures about the areas they discovered in the Finistere, Brittany.

A very nice sound track with songs from Loreena McKennitt is added to it and it can be viewed in about 20 minutes. You can of course abort the  play at any time or directly jump to pictures in an other section. To make it more easy to be viewed, we have added here under the time slots for the various sections.

What better advertising can there be for our little spot in Brittany, than to see it with the eyes of our visitors ?

Thanks Carola & Steen !  

0:20   Bed and Breakfast of Brezehan
1:15   St Malo
2:57   Ploumanac'h - Pink Granit coast
3:42   Lannion
3:50   Kergrist Castle
4:59   Releq Abbey
5:17   Meneham
6:04   Île Vierge lighthouse
6:18   Kerjean Castle
7:04   Notre Dame de Bodilis
7:23   Landerneau
7:36   Le Conquet
9:35   Pointe de St Mathieu
11:11   Sizun
11:41   ship wrecks - Landevenec
11:54   Landevenec Abbey
12:29   Morgat - Les Grandes Grottes
13:38   Pointe de Dinan
14:13   Camaret sur Mer
14:49   Pointe de Pen-Hir
16:20   Chapel ruins
16:33   Commana - Open air heritage museum Moulins de Kerouat
17:31   Huelgoat Forest
18:17   St Michel de Brasparts Chapel - Arree Mounts
18:58   Commana - megalithic pre-Celtic tomb & korrigans hike
19:34   La Roche Maurice
20:09   Roscoff
21:23   Saint-Pol-de-Leon
22:10   Krouzere Castle

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