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Pension bed and breakfast monts d'Arree      Les Monts d'Arree dans le Finistere
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In the Arree Mounts

 (Monts d'Arrée)

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Hiking and Walks in the Monts Arree
If both eyes are wide open, curious and greedy
you can see an otter, a beaver, a bat, a shrew or a Montague's harrier.
monts d'arree brittany
If you open one eye only,
there is still a chance to see a deer, a fox or a rabbit.
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And even if the view is distracted,
light in the trees, the trees themselves, the peat marsh and moorland, the
hedged farmland, the yellow of the broom, the blue of the heather, light again, the sunrise, the lake's water, silky and calm, or the exceptionally starry sky will impress you.

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But hush..! One has also to listen to the Arree Mounts ...

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More information about the Monts d'Arrée at Terres Celtes and Official website for tourism in Brittany.





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