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St Rivoal Wanderung Finistere      randonne balade de St Rivoal
regional nature park of brittany france 


St Rivoal walk

walk and hiking path    
Distance: 17 km        Difficulty level: average        Time: about ¼ hours
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More information and details: "Le Parc naturel régional d'Armorique... à pied", "Les Monts d'Arrée", éditions TopoGuides

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A nice walk on the old border between the Leon and the Cornouaille area, following the path of the cursed souls which, so is it told, were led by the priest of St Rivoal to be thrown into the Youdig, at the foot of the Menez Mikel.
There is a possibility to access the Menez Mikel chapel from the point marked "2" on this map, and, about 1km East, to the megalithic alignment of the Petrified Wedding (la Noce de Pierre)
(see the Moors and Peat Marsh Trail).
The start of this walk is a the village of St Rivoal. It can also be accessed directly by foot from our Bed and Breakfast taking the Mougau Trail and the Moors and Peat Marsh Trail ... for a nice long walking day
  . Alternatively you can reach it with a 10 minutes car ride from our Bed and Breakfast.

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Cornec House (St Rivoal) heritage centerThe Petrified Wedding (la Noce de Pierre), megalithic alignment 4'500 years BC.
Panoramic view on the Arre Mounts and the Yeun Elez
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