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Korrigans Weg in der Bretagne      sentier des korrigans monts d'arree
regional nature park of brittany france 


 Korrigan's path

walk and hiking path        
Distance: about 1.5 km        Difficulty level: easy        Time: about 40 minutes        Markers: "Korrigans"

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are little Goblins who live in the Arree Mounts, in the ponds, peat marsh and moorland around our Bed and Breakfast, hiding under some long forgotten Menhir or Dolmen. Watch carefully, you may encounter one of them during this little hike...  
This walk, partially on wooden footbridges, will be a nice ending to your visit of the Allée Couverte du Mougau, a megalithic pre-Celtic thumb (3'500 years BC). Several panels along the path describe the wildlife, the plants (like little carnivorous plants) and the life of the people living here in the Middle Age.
This walk is really easy and no specific equipment is needed, unless it's rainy (footbridges very slippery).
This walk is also part of the Blue Stone Trail and the Mougau Hike. It's directly reachable by foot from our Bed and Breakfast.

To see:
Allée Couverte du Mougau, a megalithic pre-Celtic tomb  St John's sacred fountain
Commana's Parish Close (Enclos Paroissial)
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Chambres d'hôtes Bretagne - sentier des korrigans
Unterkunft in der Bretagne Frankreich - Korrigans Weg

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