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Getting to Brittany - France

& to Finistere

Brittany airports Going to Brittany by plane (top of page)

There are 3 main international airports in Brittany (map) and several smaller ones. Amongst the major airports are:
  • Brest: nearest airport to our B&B, Brest Brittany airport has direct flights from Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Manchester, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulon, Ouessant island, Barcelona, Dublin, London, BirminghamSouthampton... More information: Brest airport.
  • Rennes: several flights every day from various European and major French cities (Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Lyon, Paris-CDG, Montpellier, Figari, Bordeaux, Cork, Dublin, Southampton, Manchester, Exeter, ... More information: Rennes airport.   
where is brittany france - map of Brittany
Brittany - France
interactive map & itineraries here to discover where is Brittany)
  • Nantes: Intercontinental and European direct flights (Montreal, London, Dublin, Cork, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Geneva, Madrid, Casablanca, ...). Several direct flights from major French cities (Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Strasbourg,...). More information: Nantes airport.
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Low cost airlines (Cityjet, Easyjet, Flybe and Ryanair) connects Brest airport, the nearest airport at 35 minutes drive from the Arree Mounts, directly to London, Southampton, Birmingham, Dublin, Paris, Lyon, Marseille.
Several of such airlines (Ryanair and Easyjet) connect Nantes airport directly to Geneva, London, Marseille, Eastmidlands, Liverpool, Shannon.
You could be surprised about the low costs when combining these airlines or destinations. For instance Vienna - Brest via London, or Madrid - Brest via London, with EasyJet and RyanAir, or Rome - Nantes via Geneva with EasyJet.

railways stations Brittany Going to Brittany by train (top of page)

All major cities (map) in Brittany are connected with the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse - French High Speed Train - up to 320 km/h (200 mph) in commercial usage). Here a few travel durations:
  • Paris - Rennes: 2h
  • Paris - Morlaix:  3h 40
  • Paris - Brest: 4h
  • Paris - Quimper: 4h 10
  • Lyon - Rennes: 4h 15
  • Lyon - Brest: 6h 50
  • Geneva - Rennes: 6h 18
  • Geneva - Brest: 8h 48
  • Bordeaux - Rennes: 5h 15
  • Bordeaux - Brest: 8h 30
  • Marseille - Brest: 8h 25
  • Marseille - Rennes:  6h
Booking your tickets well in advance can significantly reduce your costs. SNCF (French railways company) offers tickets (Prems Tickets) starting at € 22.-. iTGV tickets are available 6 months before departure date. Thalys tickets are available 3 months before departure date and Eurostar tickets 4 months before departure date. These tickets are also available on the Internet. More information: TGV Europe (SNCF).
To come to the Arree Mounts, where our B&B is located, stop at Morlaix. It's cheaper and less far then Brest and you will find rent a car agencies in front of the railways station (see hereunder).

travel car on train SNCF  Going to Brittany with your car on the train (car rail piggyback) (top of page)

This seems not be anymore possible since 2011...
More information: SNCF auto-train

by car to Brittany  Going to Brittany by car (top of page)

The roads in Brittany are very good. Be careful not to get lost in the multitude of small country side roads. Highways in Brittany are limited to 110 km/h (68 mph), but in return they are toll free...
You can use our interactive map to prepare your trip by car to Brittany.

ferry Brittany Going to Brittany by boat (ferry) (top of page)

You can go to Brittany (Roscoff) by ferry from Ireland (Cork, Rosslare), Great Britain (Plymouth) and Spain (Santander, via Plymouth). More information: Brittany ferries et Irish ferries.

rent a car finistere  Renting a car in Brittany (top of page)  

You will find all the usual rent a car companies in Brittany's major airports and railways stations.  More information: Sixt, Avis, Europecar Bretagne, Hertz, Rentacar, etc...
You can also rent a car in some shopping centers for a very low rate, starting at € 9.90 / day incl. 100 km (Landivisiau), or even less (Quimper). Book well in advance. More informations: Centre Leclerc, Landivisiau, tél.: +33 (0)2 98 68 16 49.

hitch hiking Brittany  Hitchhiking in Brittany (top of page)

It's a common and well accepted travel mean in Brittany.

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